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Monthly Mangrove Sustainership

Monthly Mangrove Sustainership

The mangroves sustain the people who sustain the mangroves – help MAP sustain and restore mangroves with monthly giving!

MAP is initiating a new way for you to support mangrove restoration and education! Each time you donate to MAP we will put your donation directly to work for the mangroves and the mangrove communities where help is most needed.

Your support has the most impact through our Mangrove Sustainer program by allowing us to focus on and expand on the critical work needed to protect and restore mangroves. You contribute directly to mangrove conservation and restoration by supporting one of MAP’s programs year-round, and we’ll introduce you to the people whom you have helped by providing education and alternative sustainable livelihoods.

Here’s how it works:

Select which program area(s) you would like to support:

  • MAP Roots
  • Ecological Mangrove Restoration
  • Teacher Training and Environmental Education
  • Volunteer Intern Program
  • Communications, Organizing & International Networking
  1. Choose a monthly giving level that feels right for you and your budget;
  2. Decide which payment method works best for you (PayPal, FlipCause, check by mail) as described on the Donate page;
  3. The amount you specify will automatically be debited each month if you pay online. You are free to stop payments at any time;
  4. MAP will contact you occasionally to check-in, give you insider updates and make sure that this program still works for you, as well as giving you options to increase or expand your support.

MAP’s Goal for 2015-2016

In honor of MAP’s 23 years as a non-profit global network, we have set a goal of raising $30,000 during the next 12 months (Jan 2015 to Dec 2015).

If just 250 people sign up to contribute $10 per month, together we will reach our goal.

MAP Roots

dummyThe majority of our funding goes directly into effective program work in the field, but that work wouldn’t be possible without our grassroots spirit and advocacy programs. Help MAP grow its “roots” by supporting improvements in our organization’s core. Examples of what your support can do:

$15 per month = Our website stays online because of you!
$20 per month = Train staff and volunteers to provide our community with the online resources and materials
$35 per month = Sponsor a 1-month graduate level intern to work on research and program development
$50 per month = Goes to the development of a new volunteer program in Seattle
$75 per month = Helps pay for a dedicated part-time Question Your Shrimp campaign coordinator
$100 per month = Helps MAP maintain the critical organizational connections that make up our global action network

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Ecological Mangrove Restoration

Sustain restorationMAP is working to restore degraded or destroyed mangrove forests throughout regions of Asia and South America. Our Community-Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration (CBEMR) workshops train community leaders and decision makers in MAP’s 6-Step CBEMR Method. Examples of what your support can do:

$15 per month = Pays for 12 CBEMR training manuals, or 12 sets of supplies for CBEMR training per year
$20 per month = Pays for digging tools for communities to restore the natural hydrology of a restoration site to ensure success
$35 per month = Help monitor a restoration site with a camera for time-lapse photography
$50 per month = Pays for a ranger to patrol and monitor restored mangrove areas, passing on critical information to local residents for one year
$75 per month = Covers the translation and adaptation of restoration manuals for local communities to use
$100 per month = Goes toward the restoration of a hectare of abandoned shrimp ponds, empowering local mangrove community members and restoring sustainable livelihoods

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Teacher Training and Environmental Education

Sustain Teacher TrainingMAP has expanded its education program to include aspects both interesting and inspirational for young minds in their attempts to grasp the fuller significance of the mangrove forest community. MAP works directly with teachers, local NGOs, and school districts to adapt and implement our primary school curriculum, Marvelous Mangroves. Examples of what your support can do:

$15 per month = Sponsors an environmental education activity for a school classroom
$20 per month = Buys art supplies for children’s art calendar contest at 6 schools
$35 per month = Goes towards scientific demonstration workshops for kids to learn about the importance and impacts of mangroves to people
$50 per month = Provides materials for a mangrove analysis workshops with children
$75 per month = Goes towards implementing the mangrove curriculum into a new country
$100 per month = Helps us qualify more teachers to teach our mangrove curriculum in countries that need it

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Volunteer and Internship Program

Sustain VolunteersMAP relies on the gift of time and effort of the many volunteers and interns that have worked with us over the years. We provide volunteers with training and an exciting learning environment. Because volunteers are so critical to our mission, we try to give back to them as well through creative recognition and offsetting costs of things like travel and living where possible. Examples of what your support can do:

$15 per month = Supports our recognition program, thanking volunteers with t-shirts, morale events, and other encouragement
$20 per month =  Covers training on MAP systems for volunteers
$35 per month = Helps us recruit highly-skilled volunteers and board members
$50 per month = Pays for a monthly bus pass for a volunteer to travel
$75 per month = Helps cover a living stipend for volunteers overseas
$100 per month = Hosts a volunteer at one of MAP’s offices, providing support for our staff and a life-changing experience for the volunteer

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Communications, Organizing & International Networking

Sustain CommunicationsMAP acts as a Mangrove Information Clearinghouse and Referral Service, featuring information on issues related to mangrove conservation, shrimp aquaculture, and community-based coastal resource management. The MAP News, a bi-weekly electronic bulletin, and action alerts reach people and organizations worldwide, facilitating networking and advocacy. Examples of what your support can do:

$15 per month = Sponsors our Children’s Mangrove Art Calendar, and we’ll add you to our list of supporters printed in the calendar itself
$20 per month = Goes towards printing educational materials to raise awareness about the impacts of imported shrimp
$35 per month = Help MAP to develop new electronic newsletter designs and improve our communication
$50 per month = Your support means new and up-to-date print materials for our local communities in the US and Southeast Asia
$75 per month = Translation of foreign language submissions to MAP News
$100 per month = Send MAP staff to attend regional conferences and symposia

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