August, 2019

To support DANIDA’s ‘Climate Adaptation in Coastal Communities of Myanmar’ programme, implemented locally  by the Myanmar Forest Department, MAP and partner NGO Mangrove Service Network undertook a two-part CBEMR training for 39 participants. These were predominantly Forest Dept. officers, and also NGO staff and academics from two universities. The workshop involved a five day, theory-based session in Yangon followed by three days of practical field training in Myeik, southern Myanmar.

This workshop filled a crucial gap in the Forest Department’s training as officers receive little mangrove ecology or restoration-specific instruction.  As many of these officers manage several villages, the multiplier effect of this workshop will be significant.

Being foresters much of the training emphasized the difference between terrestrial and mangrove forests. From participants’ feedback, the importance of hydrology and drainage was new to them, as was the advantages of facilitating natural regeneration, rather than planting.