Community Resource Mapping in Phra Thong Island

Community Resource Mapping in Phra Thong Island


image_miniPhra Thong Island is rich in resources but poor in management. The following project attempts to start a dialogue with the community and improve their knowledge about the island resources, to facilitate the creation of a resource management plan and a committee that will manage the Coastal Community Resource Centre (CCRC).

The tsunami events of 2004 had a negative impact on the island´s natural resources but the new, more dangerous threat comes from outside investors wanting to develop this unique island for commercial tourism. This island, which is one of the least developed in the country, has a very fragile, high-biodiversity ecology that comprises 6 ecosystems and 317 species of which 11 are mammals, 45 reptiles, 137 birds, eight amphibians and 24 freshwater fish species. Some of these such as sea-turtles, dugong, and Lesser Adjutant are threatened and endangered species. The Thai government would like to turn this island into a National Park, but local communities concerned about restrictions on their traditional livelihoods have resisted. In addition, the lack of cohesion after the tsunami resettlement makes this still recently formed community more vulnerable to face the pressure from large-scale commercial projects, which would threaten their livelihoods and the island´s unique biodiversity. The local people need to be empowered to conserve the island’s natural treasures while making a living which is harmony with the island ecosystems.


By financing this project you will help 18 members of the three villages in Phra Thong Island (Lions village (4) , Ta Pae Yoi village (10) and Thung Dap village) to participate in the community resource mapping activities that will set the basis for a resource management plan and committee. This will help them to become the actors of their own development through community-based management activities reducing the pressure on a natural environment. You will as well help them to protect and manage 6 different ecosystems. Last, but far from least, you will be helping to facilitate improved conservation through linking and promoting team-work in a heterogeneous community of Moken, Thai, Chinese, and Burmese which was the result of the 2004 tsunami resettlement.



  • Three villages in Phra Thong Island participate in the mapping activities
  • A Map for Phra Thong Island is ready tos hare with visitors at the CCRC
  • Community establishes a management committee
  • Community establishes a management plan