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Families who call mangroves home need your support

“I still remember that day we got to work together to improve the hydrology at the restoration site. Many people dug in the pond, working together and I could see that they felt that the land had returned to them again. It made me so happy. I felt like despite all the problems we faced we finally felt united in the village.”

Ms. Ladda Ardharn (Pink), the youth group leader at Ban Talae Nok, was instrumental in the success of the project there and pursued solutions when the land tenure issue gridlocked the project from proceeding. At one point, she organized a petition to demand their land back. It was not easy for a young woman to take a strong and active role against an influential male community member. She and the other members of the youth group had the motivation it takes to make real, lasting change – and you can give them the technical support and opportunity to make it happen.

“Since we started working on this restoration together, the people of my community have hope again.”

Your contribution is about more than money – it is about working together with villagers like Pink, and empowering young people to become caretakers of their environments. It is about partnering to address global challenges with local solutions. You belong to a global mangrove community, and your investment in women like Pink will mean a brighter and more secure future for us all.

The families who call mangroves home need your support. Please give a gift by December 31.

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