Guidelines for Submitting to MAP News

MAP depends on our network members to supply us with regional and updated news for our newsletter, the MAP News, and for posting to our website. If you have relevant news to share with us, please send it our way, but also please follow the guidelines listed below.

Suggested format for submissions to the MAP News
Be sure to include:
  • Title of news item
  • Date published or date of submission
  • Author of news item (if available)
  • Source – Where you came across the item. If being submitted by an organization, include the organization’s name.
  • Source url (website)
  • Original Source – This is for items that have been published from other sources. Try to find out where the news item was originally published, if you can.
  • Original url – copy the url from the original source
  • Your name and e-mail

Please do not send items via the “e-mail this article to a friend” link. These tend to come across rather messy, with incomplete info. Rather, click on “printer-friendly version” and copy everything into the body of the e-mail message, or into a Word doc. But note that frequently the printer-friendly version does not include the source url, so be sure to copy that as well.

What we are requesting will take perhaps 1 or 2 extra minutes of your time, but in the end will provide readers of the MAP News and visitors to our website with more complete information, as well as saving MAP countless hours of editing. Thanks!