IHOF Workshop # 10

In the Hands of Fishers Workshop # 10

Project Title : In the Hands of Fishers Workshop # 10
Type : IHOF Workshop
Location : Kuala Indah, N. Sumatra, Indonesia
Start Date / End Date : May 24-27, 2004
Collaborators, Partners and Supporters : Supported by WWF- Environmental Fund for Nature; IUCN Nederland – tropical Rainforest program; and the Goldman Fund. Partnered with JALA (N. Sumatra Fisherfolk Advocacy Network) and P3MN (Research and Development for Fisherfolk).

Overview :

The workshop was the result of recommendations of participants of IHOF #3 to revisit sustainable alternative livelihoods and trawler issues in local fishing waters.

fisher manThe goals of the workshop were:
1) to allow fisherfolk to share ideas and experiences in stopping destructive fishing practices in the region;
2) to empower and support fisher leaders to become more effective leaders;
3) to share case studies of community-based management of coastal resources;
4) to present ideas for alternative sustainable livelihoods; and
5) to form a network amongst groups to exchange knowledge, skills, and support for sustainable coastal resource management.

fishing 01The 4-day IHOF workshop included:
a) field trips to local villages, mangrove forests, and a mangrove rehabilitation site;
b) discussions on trawling, alternative sustainable livelihoods, women/gender issues in fishing communities;
c) demonstrations and practice for toolkit options: Nypah utilization/making palm sugar; catching/processing/exporting crab meat (Blue Manna Crabs) to cut out middlemen; improved cookstoves; and mangrove rehabilitation (EMR);
d) training in action-research problem-solving;
e) consciousness-raising on gender roles in relation to mangrove conservation and usage; and
f) participants sharing situations in their own regions and communities such as trawler problems, gender roles, alternative livelihoods, ecotourism, polyculture of grouper/oysters, and clamming.

Changes were made in workshop format from IHOF #3 per participant recommendations. This workshop was held in a small fisherfolk village (Kuala Indah) and participants were boarded in local fisherfolk homes. Local villagers did preparations, food, transport, and constructed public restrooms; thus the IHOF workshop was an instrument of community capacity-building and development, including direct economic benefits. Other recommendation followed up from the workshop, especially more hands-on livelihood demonstrations.

Highlights / Milestones

IMG_3688The CCRC at Kuala Indah was constructed using bamboo with Nypah thatch roofing as the site for this IHOF. Although it was blown down in July 2006 by a tornado, the CCRC was rebuilt and continues to serve as a site for children education and meetings of fisherfolk and community members.

Villagers of Kuala Indah and Gombus Laut trained in improved cookstove use were able to lead the demonstrations of their use to other participants. Participants also saw a model of Gombus Laut, which provided 8 poorer villagers with mangrove crab traps for use in an area restored by the government with the help of villagers which had been cut for charcoal. The villagers will report illegal charcoal making to village leaders.

The workshop also featured a training in action research problem-solving utilizing field observations of villages, problem-identification (creative technique: drawing murals), constructing interviews to investigate problems observed, and creating solutions. Action planning is also a visual activity, usually combining the use of maps, PowerPoint, mural drawing, role playing and presentations. The final day of the workshop also included an unexpected rescue of an Indo-Pacific Hump-Backed dolphin spotted on the beach.

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In the Hands of Fishers Workshop # 10