MAP U.S. Offices

MAP U.S. offices

MAP’s international headquarters are based in Port Angeles, Washington, USA. The MAP USA office provides 4 essential services to grassroots groups and proponents of mangrove conservation:

Coordination of a unique international NGO network and information clearinghouse on mangrove forests;

Promotion of public awareness of mangrove forest issues;

Development of technical and financial support for local NGO projects in the global South; and

Publicize within the developed nations the basic needs and struggles of Southern coastal fishing and farming communities affected by the consumer demands of the wealthy nations.

The Seattle office acts as an extension of the main headquarters in Port Angeles, providing a regional hub to connect with potential supporters. MAP’s presence in Seattle includes membership in Global Washington, a network of Seattle regional NGOS involved in international work, allowing MAP to network and raise awareness among other businesses and NGOs who share a common collaborative vision. The Seattle office is also the epicenter of MAP’s Question Your Shrimp campaign.

There are internships and volunteer positions available in the Seattle office. If interested, learn more here:


Seattle, WA Office:

Sara Lavenhar, Executive Director
606 Maynard Ave. S. Suite 102
Seattle, WA 98104
Tel: (206) 207-2022
Email: seattle(at)

Port Angeles, WA Office:

Alfredo Quarto, International Program and Policy Director
Mangrove Action Project
PO Box 1854
Port Angeles, WA 98362-0279
Tel/ fax: (360) 452-5866
Email: mapusa(at)