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Roger de Freitas

Board Chair

Roger de Freitas is a British philanthropist who often works directly with local NGOs to develop their capacity to deal with a broad range of challenges. Before joining the Open Spaces Society, a British conservation group, as a Vice-President, Roger was the chairman of the BTCV, the UK’s largest practical conservation charity, and the 2010 UK charity of the year. He is also a Board Advisor of Global Nature Fund.

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Sherry Manning

Board Vice President

Sherry Manning has worked as a development specialist for more than 20 years, providing planning and procurement support for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. She has served in program director, development director, and grants management roles with projects ranging from promotional events to multi-year symposia, to a nationally broadcast radio series funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Since 2015, she has provided grants management and consulting for local and national organizations including the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Roan Blacker

Board Treasurer

Roan Blacker has been financially advising, raising capital and monitoring finances for nonprofit corporations and government organizations for nearly 30 years. As Treasurer, Roan oversees MAP’s finances and monitors the corporation’s reporting and fiscal policies. Over his career he has raised more than a billion dollars of capital for his client’s causes. Roan is a graduate in Economics and Latin American Studies from UCLA, and earned his MBA from the Columbia University. Currently he is President of Blacker F/CS, a financial consulting firm for nonprofit and government entities, and is a professor of accounting at Olympic College.

Graham Andrews

Board Secretary

Graham Andrews recently graduated from the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance with a Masters of Public Administration and has 8 years combined experience in scientific programming and software project management. Formerly a software designer and program manager for Microsoft, Graham has had success in roles in software development, project management and team organization. Since joining the board, Graham has brought his talents to considering MAP’s financial situation, designing a framework for evaluation of the CBEMR program, and connected MAP to the Evan’s School for networking and internship opportunities.

John Cowan

Board Member

John Cowan has over 3 decades of experience in water resources management, environmental restoration and international development. Over the last 20 years his focus has been on working with marginalized communities around the world to give them a voice at the table and learn ways to effect change. John has a BS in Ecology and a Masters in Transformational Leadership. He is passionate about learning ways to engage with the neediest and most compromised members of our world. He has a vision of clean water, efficient safe waste management for all, and ecosystem restoration.  He believes wholeheartedly that the regeneration of our soils, forests, and marine coastal environments are the keys to the restoration of our health and well-being.  Restoring our global environments starts with listening to the stories, honoring the cultures and celebrating the persons – this must happen long before shovels turn the soil and projects are financed and completed.