Marvellous Mangroves in China

Marvellous Mangroves in China

Project Title : Marvellous Mangroves in China
Type : Education
Location : Based in Xiamen, Southern China
Start Date / End Date : On going Started 2009
Collaborators, Partners and Supporters : Chinese Mangrove Conservation Network (CMCN), Zhanjiang Mangrove National Nature Reserve (ZMNNR)

Overview :

mag-lenses-Croc-IslandFor the past 14 years thousands of teachers and over 200,000 students in 10 countries worldwide have learned indepth about mangrove ecology in their countries and the world. This formal education curriculum is linked with the national curriculum in each country for which it is specifically adapted and, usually, translated into the native language. In 2012 MAP launched the Chinese version of its Marvellous Mangroves Curriculum in southern Chinese schools. The 300+ page guide has been translated and adapted for use with Chinese schools and two workshops have been held to date. The first was held in Gaoqiao, Guangdong Province, and the second in Xiamen, Fujian Province. A total of 90 teachers and educators took part in the 3 days workshops and have since introduced the curriculum into their schools. However, to continue to expand this project working conjunction with our Chinese partners, we need funding.

Highlights / Milestones


  • 2009 MAP Education Director Martin Keeley visits Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, at the request of the ZMNNR.
  • Translation and adaptation of the curriculum begins
  • 2010 Martin Keeley returns to Zhanjiang and conducts review and development of the translated and adapted version of Marvellous Mangroves with local educators and scientists.
  • 2012 Launch of the Chinese/Mandarin version of Marvellous Mangroves.
  • May 2012 First 3 day workshop with 36 educators held jointly with ZMNNR in Gaoqiao, Guangdong Province.
  • June 2012 Zhanjiang local educators declare Marvellous Mangroves Day for students and teachers using what they have learned at the workshop.
  • December, 2012 Second 3 day teachers’ workshop for 40 educators held jointly with CMCN in Xiamen, Fujian Province.

Costs :

$10,000 required for each new Chinese workshop for 40 to 50 teachers:
Publication of 50+ copies of Marvellous Mangroves…………………$ 1,000.00
Rental of hall plus lunches and dinners for participants……………..$ 2,000.00
Field trip transportation rentals etc…………………………..…………$ 500.00
Transportation and accommodation for 50 teachers for 3 days……$ 3,000.00
Travel and accommodation for MAP Workshop Coordinator………$ 3,500.00

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