Mangrove Action Project operates with the support of many hard-working groups and individuals from a diverse background of volunteerism at an international scale, including human rights and environmental organizations. Our dedicated and experienced Board of Directors guides MAP, managing and conducting the affairs and business of the organization. The Board is composed of 5-11 members, including a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Officers of the board serve for a renewable three-year term, and any new members are nominated and elected by the board itself; officers serve a renewable one-year term.

A small group of staff run our regional offices and manage local projects and campaigns. Most of the staff is centered in our Port Angeles, WA, USA office, including the executive director. Together, MAP’s staff collectively brings experience of environmental and human rights advocacy, labor law, sustainable development, organizational and project management, and artistic enterprise, just to highlight a few of the skills in the staff arsenal. Although not officially staff, MAP also works with volunteers and interns worldwide to accomplish our goals.

In order to remain small, MAP has developed partnerships with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), academics, and others working in the mangrove regions of the world. This enables our organization to build the capacity of local organizations rather than enlarging MAP itself. The individuals and organizations involved in these partnerships also act as advisors to MAP, keeping us up to date on affairs on the ground and providing input on new initiatives and strategies to enhance mangrove conservation and rehabilitation. A crucial network, our advisors allow MAP to be present in many places at once without overextending our resources.


  • Alfredo Quarto
    Co-Executive Director and Co-founder

  • Sara Lavenhar
    Co-Executive Director

  • Jim Enright
    Asia Coordinator

  • Martin Keeley
    Education Director

  • Sam Nugent
    MAP News Editor

  • Jaruwan Kaewmahanin
    Field Project Manager Thailand

  • Monica Gutierrez-Quarto
    Children's Art Calendar Coordinator

  • Udomsak Pariwatpan
    Project Field Officer

  • Pimaaksara Chalermwon
    Officer Administrator

  • Leslie Hill

  • Leo Thom
    Creative Director

  • Mira Maude Chouinard
    Assistant Project Coordinator

Board of Directors

  • Roger de Freitas

  • Sherry Manning
    Vice President

  • Roan Blacker

  • John Cowan


  • Dr. Conner Bailey

  • Ian Baird

  • Barry Bendell

  • Pisit Charnsnoh

  • Fiona Wilmot

  • Dr. Maurizio

  • Marion Howard

  • Khushi Kabir

  • Dr. James Gitundu Kairo

  • Roy R. “Robin”

  • Nalini Nayak

  • Donnapat Tamornsuwan

  • Elizabeth Taylor

  • Dr. Peter Vandergeest

  • Jorge Varela

  • Dominic Wodehouse

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