Singapore is dredging our home away: hands off our sand!

Tell the governments of Cambodia and Singapore to stop the destructive dredging of rivers and coastal areas and put an end to international trafficking of this valuable resource.

Dear friends of the rainforests,

Sand is a valuable resource that is becoming increasingly scarce. The construction industry, which consumes the lion’s share, prefers rough sand from riverbeds and coastal areas. Dredging, however, is responsible for the wholesale destruction of aquatic and coastal ecosystems.

Singapore is the world’s largest importer of sand. The city-state consumes 30 million tons a year for construction projects and land reclamation – and obtains it by dredging away its neighbors’ beaches, coastlines, riverbeds and entire islands.

In Cambodia, fishermen and their families are actively resisting the destruction of their rivers and mangrove forests by illegal dredgers. Activists of our Cambodian partner Mother Nature are supporting their protests and the organization’s co-founder Sun Mala and two of his colleagues were arrested on August 17.

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen prohibited the export of sand from riverbeds and coastal areas in 2009, but Singapore and the Cambodian authorities are simply ignoring the ban.

Please join the fishermen and activists in telling the governments of both countries to put an end to the destruction now!

Thanks for being involved,

Reinhard Behrend
Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald e.V.)

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