Chargefon App - how it works?

Have you ever been left stranded, wandering and unable to reach your loved ones because your phone’s battery went flat? An on-the-go mobile charging solution may be all you need to stay on top of emergency situations such as these. Chargefon helps keep hundreds to thousands of people who always have need for their phones connected to family and friends round-the-clock. The secret is a mobile charging station (rental) where users can visit, pick up a power bank and charge their mobile. The charging stations are sited in Orlando, the magic city of Miami, the ever-bubbly New York City and the Rose City, Portland.

How Does it Work?

To begin with, download Chargefon’s user-friendly app from App Store or Play Store for iOS and Android users respectively. Then, register with your mobile number and add a payment method.

To rent a power bank, scan the QR code at Chargefon’s base station using the app and watch a fully charged portable power bank slide out of the station’s dock for your use. This power bank can be returned to any nearby Chargefon station once you are done charging. The app also has an in-built feature for tracking the status of your order.

What’s more? All our power banks make use of cutting edge FastCharge Technology. Putting things in perspective, this should charge your phone from zero to a hundred percent within a short period, usually about an hour even for phone battery capacities of 5000mAh.

Finally, the cost of renting one Chargefon power pack for the entire day is less than $5. New users are entitled to a special offer of one-hour free charging.

You Can Partner With Us

Partnering with us is a win-win scenario for you. Asides placing your business space on the world map, you also get the following fringe benefits as a Chargefon partner:

  • A free Chargefon station for your business.
  • A charging solution for your customers and free time for your staff, which helps keep your customers connected.
  • You will earn loyalty from your customers.

By taking advantage of the organic traffic walking into your business space daily, you can make turn overs and large numbers in revenue you never thought possible.