Wooden houses made of logs or beams

Today, many increasingly prefer the construction of houses precisely from timber, and not from logs. What is the reason for this choice?
In this article we provide a small overview of the building materials used in the construction of wooden houses.
Compared to timber houses, a log house has several drawbacks. It is not for nothing that man has perfected the technology of building houses for years.

"Cons" of log cabins
One of the main disadvantages is the log availability. It is 1 cm per meter of log. Some consider this flaw insignificant, but in the case of building a house 1010 you will get a very noticeable difference in the diameter of the log on top and in the butt. It is not very comfortable to live in a house where everything seems crooked.
The second drawback of log cabins is the complexity of their manufacture. Logs need to be cut to a certain size by cutting grooves of a certain size. This is a rather time-consuming process that requires certain knowledge and skills. And there are actually not so many good carpenters in Russia. The number of sites offering log cabin construction services is many times greater than the number of real carpenters. Therefore, before ordering the construction of a log house on any site, it is better to inquire in advance about the reputation of the company you have chosen.
Another drawback is the problems encountered in the finishing process. Houses made of timber are much easier to build, they are better amenable to decoration. And the cost of such houses is much lower.
It is also worth paying attention to the very controversial issue of wall thickness. In this regard, timber houses are undoubtedly a more advantageous option, since the wall thickness from a log is equal to the size of the groove, and today the quality of grooving of the grooves makes us wish for the best. With houses made of timber, everything is somewhat simpler: the wall thickness of the house is equal to the thickness of the timber. The thicker the beam, the warmer the house will turn out.
If you decide to build a wooden house on your site and doubt what material is better to use - a beam or a log, then we can definitely advise a beam. But, after you build a house, you should conduct a construction examination, so that everything is normal.
Log cabins with all their shortcomings gradually began to fade into the background. This is primarily due to the emergence of high-quality high-tech equipment for wood processing. Houses from timber and logs are becoming increasingly popular. By their quality characteristics, they are superior to log cabins. If you are planning a trip to the UK or want to change the operator, then it is worth paying attention to the GiffGaff. Despite such a funny name, it is one of the best communication companies. Let us briefly consider how to activate the giffgaff sim card: 1) buy a starter pack 2) go to the giffgaff.com website and register 3) find the activation code on the SIM card and enter it. Everything is quite simple, the activation process is described in detail on the site itself. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised, first of all, with favorable prices and an excellent choice of tariffs.