Collectivization and cooperation of the peasantry

As for collectivization, then, according to Lenin, there is no reason to dream of a transition to it. The forms of cooperation should be chosen by the peasant himself, and these are, first of all, non-production forms (marketing, supply, etc.), which, in fact, are discussed in the work “On Cooperation”.

Consequently, contrary to popular belief, retreat had a completely different meaning. It was a tactical task to learn from a “private trader”, from a cultural “diligent” landlord in a village (then enlisted in his fists), to trade in Europe, work on full cost accounting, build relationships on the basis of voluntary cooperation, rent, self-financing, business competition, that is on economic management, public sector enterprises. It was in this way that it was possible to “force inert communists” to understand “that the new policy is being taken seriously” and not to discard the NEP, not to curtail trade, but to develop it as the basis of the economic base of socialism. Attempts to squeeze the NEP into some temporary boundaries were based on the fact that, supposedly, the transition period ended and socialism was built. In this connection, the question arises of the transition period, as well as the criteria of “built,” “real,” “developed,” etc. socialism.

In connection with the transition to the NEP, V. I. Lenin emphasized the importance of seeing and understanding the enormous difference between the abstract principles proclaimed in 1918 and the economic work that has already begun.

“Indisputable” judgments on this score, ignoring Leninist statements such as what socialism will be, how many transitional stages “we don’t know and cannot know,” are wrecked by Khlestakovism. In recent years, it has been said more than once that we don’t even know the society in which we live. What kind of "built" and "victorious" socialism could be discussed in the mid-1930s, when socialist values ​​and ideals were grossly violated, perverted, when, as was noted at the February (1988) Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee, the people were "alienated from power , from the means of production, from the results of labor, from spiritual values ​​”? To “revive” socialism, to affirm its true ideals and values, above all, real democracy and self-government, democracy in all spheres of public life, is the fundamental task of the whole process of perestroika.

The criteria of "basically built" socialism were considered socialization, the elimination of the kulaks in the countryside, which supposedly "crown" the transition period. But it is no secret that socialization was carried out by violent methods of collectivization, indiscriminate dispossession, including many secondary cultural masters, which undermined the alliance of the working class and the peasantry. And the main political meaning of the NEP, according to Lenin, is the strengthening of this alliance. Do you ask me what will yu see at ? Big tits, huge boobs, chubby babes... I really don't know what do you expect more?