The role and tasks of the general contractor in the construction of industrial workshops

When building a production shop, the investor faces many options. The work can be performed personally or entrusted to the general contractor. Entrusting the construction to the general contractor means handing over to him all the elements related to its construction. This applies to the design of the object in accordance with the instructions of the investor, the selection of the appropriate material, checking the design and assembly in accordance with the project.Who is the general contractor of the investment and what is he responsible for?
An enterprise acting on behalf of an investor is recognized as a general contractor. The general contractor, among other things, is responsible for: preparation of the project of the production shop, taking into account the recommendations of the investor,
selection of suitable types of materials with appropriate strength and their testing,
the beginning of installation work at the location specified by the investor.
All work is carried out on the basis of an agreement concluded between the general contractor and the investor. This document includes, among other things, the dates when certain events will be held. It also includes the commissioning period of the finished production shop. For the investor, this is a kind of guarantee that the design and construction of the facility will be completed within the stipulated time.Actions of the general contractor in practice
An investor who decides to conclude a contract with the general contractor of the production shop wins a lot from the very beginning. The greatest convenience is a simple communication with subcontractors, which is directed to one company – regardless of the current stage of work. A great convenience is also a comprehensive service, which often affects the timing of construction. The general contractor often has the capacity of subcontractors, which makes it possible to significantly speed up the execution of individual works. For many companies, time is a key issue in the construction of the hall.Is the contract for the general contractor of the production shop important?
The contract between the general contractor and the investor is the most important element of cooperation between the parties. It is important that it is designed accurately and reliably. The information contained therein should relate, among other things, to the detailed scope of work performed and the obligations that the contractor will have to fulfill during the construction of the production shop.The written contract must also contain data on the technological solutions used and the visual expectations of the investor. In order to facilitate the adoption of appropriate decisions, the general contractor must have a so-called book of standards. This allows you to clarify all the details and avoid disputes about the so-called additional work.The contract concluded between the parties must also specify the date of delivery of the finished object, taking into account the possibility of its displacement due to, for example, bad weather conditions or accidental situations. For the investor, the most important aspect is the fact that the general contractor of the production shop takes full responsibility for the coordination of works, their quality and timely execution of the order. So all the formalities are on his side. Play online.