ParaWorld: Desura Online Game Overview

As ancient as the world itself, Age of Empires is an extremely successful real-time strategy, the concept of which is very fond of many game developers, gifted with the proper performance and appropriate skills, but partly deprived of the creative genius. It would seem that it could be simpler: to simulate in real time the process of state development both at the lowest level (from the construction of unsightly dwellings and training the police) and at the highest (we are talking about epoch-making development, and with each new era, new, only her inherent features)? It turned out that nothing could be simpler, more intuitive, understandable and more pleasant than this.

Good ideas, albeit worked out by the gray matter of other individuals, should be cultivated, used and promoted in every way, so to speak, to the masses. Age of Empires in different variations was promoted to the masses very persistently. The result of such an expansion, as gratifying for the creators of the original title, is just as deplorable for an army of thousands of adepts exploiting developments in their domains: games based on AoE ideas are recognized by an experienced player even before installation.

Today we will devote to the study of one, at the first stage of development, a completely inconspicuous sheep, Dolly, which after some time has turned into a large, well-fed and curly ram, standing firmly on all four and ready to properly suck in a competitor with horns between the eyes. Meet, solid in German, neat in English and with a couple of radically unusual ideas at the ready - Paraworld from DESURA .

I increasingly dream at night ...

Once launched, the game hastens to delight the gaze of a trained reviewer with a very good video and a pretty title menu. At our own peril and risk, we will try to choose "New game". Go!

At first Paraworldrather successfully pretends to be a science fiction story, sacredly observing all the canons of the genre. A group of researchers, who do not like the world around us, full of unexplored corners and unsolved secrets, worked on the theory of the existence of parallel spaces. The work was progressing well. So successful that one fine day the heroes were shamelessly pushed into one of these "neighboring worlds." One can only imagine how happy the travelers were, and how many green pieces of paper were projected straight from their imagination onto the retina of their eyes. True, the exuberant joy was quickly spoiled by two extremely unpleasant circumstances. First, our comrades have absolutely no idea how to get home. Second: the unfamiliar world decided to get acquainted with the aliens through numerous teeth, claws, paws, arrows and spears.

There are three human races in this world. They fail to reconcile, because their relationship is approximately as similar to friendly tea-drinking in the morning, as a conversation between a yard dog and a cat who foolishly wandered into a booth. The state of general squabbling and inhumanity is actively used by God knows as an infernal villain who has found himself on this planet, whose goals are not completely clear even to a person who remembers by heart the classification of villains and their villainous thoughts. The plot informs that the villain needs power, but, have mercy, what to rule in this world? Anthropoids have not yet thrown animal skins and will obey only the one who bends a pine tree to the ground with one left, and the ancestral representatives of the local fauna are dinosaurs and other prehistoric mind is earthly history,
Okay, let's leave the plot absurdities on the conscience of the writers.

On the first or second, pay off!

There are three races, as I said, in the presence of three. Quite unlike each other, colorful nations undoubtedly succeeded to the developers to glory. One feels that they worked through them with a soul.

Powerful, hefty and gloomy northerners living on the snow-covered plains evoke a strong association with our native Vikings. Crowds of muscular men dressed in furs and skins with axes and poleaxes are included.

A kind of variation on the theme of the Arabs - people living in a relatively warm climate. Earthly oriental motives, too, cannot be confused with anything: clothes, weapons, and ways to fight enemies are noticeable. Once you see a horde of nomads waving crooked swords and long bows - and agree with me.

The third race - strange yellow-faced people living in the far east with a characteristic cut of the eyes, who so skillfully wield long narrow swords and generally mow down either samurai or some hybrid of ninja and Shaolin monks. Here, in one salad bowl, all the features of the ancient Asians are mixed.

But, undoubtedly, the ball (not the ball, but the ball) is ruled by dinosaurs. They rule it exactly the way they want it. Dinosaurs faithfully serve people, replacing artillery, armored vehicles and even horses: dashing cavalry attacks on fast-footed dinosaurs are quite an effective tactic. True, you will have to train dinosaurs in the same way as ordinary fighters - that is, in the corresponding buildings. Catching and taming the abundance of animals wandering around the maps, alas, is not allowed, but how could it help this sometimes!

A dozen of various obstacles and traps will help the most demanding strategist build an impregnable line of defense for his own camp. A simple wooden palisade can be erected to amuse enemy brontosaurs, who will rush to break it with great joy. It is somewhat wiser to use turrets, which cheerfully shoot at living creatures running past. They, in fact, are also broken very, very quickly, but at least they will have time to harm the foe.
For some reason, a whole set of means for decapitation of aggressors was given to the local "Asians". Here they have spiked traps, falling into which is incompatible with leading a healthy lifestyle, and peculiar flamethrowers, which are obscenely quickly removing hit points. In general, a real maniac has a place to roam.

It's good to be a hero.

Unlike many other similar games, where the heroes are, for the most part, just representatives of local units well fed with anabolic steroids , in Paraworld the heroes are really characters, and the plot, as far as it can, timidly tries to revolve around them. In fact, we all know that the pathetic attempts of local history to take over our minds are from the evil one, and that we sat down to play such a game solely for the sake of sharpened to the sharpness of the gameplay.

Preparing a large and efficient army will take a lot of time and even more care. First, it's about resources. As a rule, it is not at all to establish their production of labor, but sometimes it turns out to be quite difficult to protect the workers of the plow and shovel. Here it is easy to stray from the true path and begin to scatter forces with might and main, trying to protect everyone in general. I implore you not to do such a stupid thing - you risk staying in a deserted village in the company of a half-dead dinosaur and a lonely hero.

During battles and quest-entertaining campaigns, another very important resource automatically drips into the treasury - improvised skulls. On the shards, you can raise the level of ordinary troops and summon a heroic physiognomy into your valiant army, which, with the exception of plot scripts, otherwise refuses to join.

Suddenly, it turned out that the heroes do not play the role of punching punching bags, over which the gamer must shake day and night long, tea, so that the Velociraptor cub running past does not trample diseases, as it usually was in Age of Empires . Heroes are powerful, effective and disruptive weapons. Without a doubt, everyone is useful, even those who are naturally deprived of physical strength. Such heroes are instructed to sit behind strong backs and ridges and enhance some characteristics of their comrades (note: apparently, encouraging them with warlike cries).

Raising the level of troops is, of course, quite logical. Indeed, why on earth should an archer who has laid down a crowd of enemies in hot battles have to be equal in ability to his neophyte colleague? A pleasant idea that could diversify the familiar gameplay to the smallest detail in the future, turned out to be, to the greatest regret, hacked to death by another innovative idea. You simply cannot have a lot of high-level troops: at each stage of development there is a hard limiter, limiting the number of warriors who are destined to reach this peak. Therefore, think three times who you need more in a developed state and often exploit them.

Naturalist notes.

I can't say that I was impressed by the local artificial intelligence. Animals and warriors know how to analyze the situation, do not crowd, honestly try not to interfere with each other, they pile up in one heap on a place in defense, in which they sense a weakness, but sometimes it is impossible to pick up an innocent epithet to the actions of a silicon opponent.

The balance is soundly maintained, but sometimes it collapses with a bang, burying all and all kinds of tactics under it. Large monsters, on which you need to save up for a long time and persistently, and well-developed heroes themselves act surprisingly efficiently, and if you collect them in one team, death for enemies comes quickly, but not painlessly.

The graphics engine is also unremarkable. He is trained to produce good-looking special effects and quite skillfully masks various graphic flaws, such as eternal broken circles and other visual artifacts. But ... somehow it's all without a spark. It seems that the colors are bright, the fire is correct, and the dinosaurs are impressive - nevertheless, no, not the "five".

Final comments.

Plot. A moderately delusional story about dinosaurs, parallel worlds and an evil, despicable bastard who, after the end of the game, will have to answer for all the vileness - that's the whole story.

Graphic arts. Imagine such a solid log cabin. It seems like a solid, solid and solid dwelling. Does it look attractive from the outside? The situation with the local graphics engine is almost identical.

Replay value. Almost inexhaustible - this is another variation on the Age of Empires theme .


A project without obvious drawbacks, Paraworld leaves behind an amazing feeling. It seems that every component is in place: the broth is not salty, the bun is buttered as needed, and even in a cup of tea there are three tablespoons of sugar. But we have seen and tried all this a heck of a thousand times, unless, of course, we take into account that the tablespoon is decorated with the head of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Ask your friends a year later: "Do you remember Paraworld?" Having received a negative answer, clarify: "Well, that's about dinosaurs yet." I think they will remember.