Waitress resume

Most people think that anyone without special education or work experience can become a waitress. This is partly true. However, the job of a waiter conceals many pitfalls. There are special schools and colleges that train waiters. But not all of them teach how to properly and competently compose a resume that can attract the attention of a good employer. 

When preparing a resume for the position of a waiter, you need to note your experience in the service, catering, or restaurant business, emphasizing the level of institutions and your qualifications. It is important to specify personal qualities that confirm professional aptitude for the stated position. Once you have a good resume, you can finally find a high-paying job.

In order to get one step closer to realizing your dreams, take advantage of our tips for creating a competent waitress resume. Let's see how the structure of a strong waitress resume should look like.


The "title" is the position, specialization. For example: "Waiter, bartender, administrator."

Contact Information

Include your first and last name, contact phone number, and e-mail.


Please note that the photo must be of high quality. Only you should be on the photo; style of clothing and hair - formal; the photo should give the impression that you are a balanced, friendly, neat person. 

Purpose of Search

Indicate what kind of job you are looking for: permanent or temporary, day or night shifts; Reflect other preferences for the job (for example, you would like to work in a restaurant in a certain area of town, or you are interested in cafes with a hookah room).

Expected salary level

This point is optional: you may not specify your salary expectations.

However, it is worth considering that for the employer it is a good benchmark - how you assess yourself. If your expectations are reasonable, it is additionally useful information for the employer.

Key Skills

This is one of the main sections of your resume, where you should list your most valuable skills. The skills and abilities section should list those that reflect your professionalism:

  • Knowledge of different types of products
  • Experience with different types of menus (e.g., therapeutic or dietary)
  • Experience of working with bar equipment
  • Experience of serving VIP-guests
  • Foreign language skills will be an advantage in big cities with well-developed tourism field. If you are looking for a job as a waiter in a rural cafe, this skill might be unnecessary.

In conclusion, it takes some time and effort to create a good waitress resume, but this investment will pay off in full after some time.