What type of resume do you need?

Types of resumes

To write a good resume, you should follow the principle of selectivity. Information for your resume should be selected on the basis of its goals, that is, your resume should include a description of exactly those aspects of your experience that are significant for the position for which you are applying.

Resumes are divided into professional (universal), chronological, functional, chronological-functional, target and academic.

The most commonly used professional (or universal) resume, in which all information is presented in blocks. According to experts, this form is preferable for those who have a good track record.

If you don't have enough experience, or there are breaks in your work experience, it's better to put information in a functional resume. A functional resume is used to describe a specific work experience and occupation when there is no need to put that experience in chronological order. It emphasizes education and special knowledge and skills. Also this form of CV is acceptable when there was a big break in work or there is a need to change the profession.

If the main advantage is work experience, the resume should be in chronological order, listing all places of work and the names of companies.Chronological or retrospective resume is most suitable for professionals who have worked in the same field for many years and wish to continue in it.

A chronological-functional resume is most often used to highlight some specific accomplishments, while maintaining a chronological sequence of work experience and education.

Targeted resumes are filled out when the focus is on applying for a specific position and the request is supported by a statement of knowledge and ability.

An academic resume is used when seeking a faculty position. An independent part of such a resume is a list of scholarly papers and publications, scholarly achievements, awards, and titles.

The biggest secret of resumes

It is necessary to write a resume not for the candidate, but for the requirements of a particular employer, taking into account the characteristics of the company's business.

And that's why one of the main rules of resumes: you should come to every new interview with a new resume and never without one.
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What exactly will make your new resume written by a professional stand out?

  • A professional, professional resume that contains your key strengths;
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Service delivery process

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