In January, two representatives from MAP traveled to Washington, D.C. to take part in the Global Mangrove Alliance’s (GMA) inaugural conference.

As mangroves have gained significant consideration in the global environmental movement over recent years, more players in the conservation world have begun taking on the task of ensuring their successful conservation and restoration. Out of this recognition, the GMA was recently formed with the ambitious goal of restoring 20% of global mangrove forests by the year 2030. As a member of GMA, MAP brings its decades of work with mangroves to the table, lending its expertise to other members of the organization – including the likes of Conservation International, Wetlands International, World Wildlife Fund, and IUCN – helping them understand and implement successful methods of mangrove restoration, community work, and education.

The conference brought together over 80 representatives from the different organizations involved with the GMA – including MAP’s Dominic Wodehouse and Martin Keeley. They were able to better introduce and lobby for both our CBEMR and education programs. The next GMA meeting will likely take place later this summer.