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Children’s Mangrove Art Calendar 2024 & Art Gallery

This collection is the result of a long process that begins by inviting children from around the world to participate in the Art Contest by answering two questions through their art:

  1. Why are mangroves important for local communities?
  2. What are the threats facing mangroves today?

Following a period of learning facilitated by their teachers or through independent study, these young participants convey their creative reflections through art. The Art Contest serves as a platform where budding artists explore the magnificence and diverse biodiversity of the mangrove forest, fostering an awareness of the critical need for conservation. It is with immense pleasure that we present this collection, a heartfelt testament that echoes the voices of children worldwide united in a shared expression through beautiful and vibrant art.

We extend our gratitude to the gifted students, schools, teachers, parents, organizations, and fellow artists who played a vital role in the selection process. These efforts have resulted in the curation of over 80 outstanding art pieces for MAP’s 2024 Virtual Art Gallery. Notably, the winning pieces from this collection will be featured in our 2024 Children’s International Mangrove Art Calendar, capturing the creativity and insights of these young artists. As a token of gratitude, this calendar will be offered as a special gift with a donation of $100 or more, supporting our ongoing efforts in mangrove conservation. To receive your calendar, simply mention your desire for one in the comments section on our donation page or reach out to Monica at for any inquiries.

Click here to view our 2024 Children’s Mangrove Art Calendar!

Awarded Young Artists

Gallery Art Selection