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Inspiring the next generation of mangrove advocates

Why education?

If we want mangroves to be preserved for generations to come, education is the key. Today’s children must learn about the immense ecological value of these ecosystems and the many crucial services they provide. Still, restoration projects often neglect the educational aspect. Others try sharing dry facts or text-heavy lessons, which do little to build a child’s deep and long-lasting connection with their environment.

That’s where the Coastal Education Program comes in. Our practical, comprehensive, and science-based program is designed from the ground up to inspire youth of all ages to appreciate and conserve their local mangroves.

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Marvelous Mangroves

Our award-winning education curriculum has been taught to over 500,000 students worldwide.

This in-depth, hands-on program is designed to raise awareness of the importance of coastal ecosystems and encourage their protection in the long term. Our curriculum is tailored to each country we work in, ensuring that teachers successfully cover their teaching objectives.

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17 Countries, 7 Languages

Our curriculum has been adapted and integrated worldwide

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500,000+ students

educated, equipping them to protect coastal ecosystems

Over 200 Schools

have adopted our curriculum

Interactive Learning

Our participatory program ensures students actively engage in learning, avoiding passive screen time or mere reading. By engaging all senses, lessons become memorable experiences.

Tailored Curriculum

Our model, employed in 17 countries, flexibly adjusts to diverse geographic, ecological, cultural, and socioeconomic contexts. It has been integrated into the national curriculum of numerous coastal nations.

Teacher Training

The heart of our program lies in training teachers and educators to effectively implement the curriculum, while also fostering a personal appreciation for the invaluable significance of mangroves.

Field Trip Exploration

Resource materials seamlessly integrate with field explorations, enabling teachers and students to apply classroom learning to real-world observations and experiences.

Clemente Coelho, Instituto Bioma Brasil

“The Marvellous Mangroves curriculum helps us brings mangroves to life in the schools of Brazil…only through in-depth conservation will we reach true conservation”

—Clemente Coelho, Instituto Bioma Brasil
Melissa Bennet, Grade 5 Teacher

"It’s really important to me to educate children in the Cayman Islands on the importance of mangroves and the future of their conservation”

—Melissa Bennet, Grade 5 Teacher
Matharage Don Devshi Andrisha, Student

“I learnt that mangroves can gives organisms homes and can protect us from tsunamis and storms, and we can preserve mangroves by replanting them and telling people not to cut them”

—Matharage Don Devshi Andrisha, Student

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