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Fostering conservation through environmental education…

By introducing the curriculum, future guardians of mangrove forests (aka – today’s students) become aware of and informed about their local ecosystems. And through them, this conservationist mindset spreads to the community at large – encouraging actions that help to preserve their valuable mangrove forests and associated coastal ecosystems for current and future generations.

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Tailored for each country & region

The Marvellous Mangroves curriculum has been introduced across 16 countries, taught through workshops to more than 2,500 teachers and 250,000 of their students across the globe.

The curriculum is first adapted to fit each specific country and region – including the local culture, ecology, and translation of texts into local languages

By integrating the curriculum with existing local science, social studies and/or language arts curricula, we are able to ensure that the developed materials and teaching techniques are used in the classroom on a regular basis

What’s included:

  • activities and information about mangroves
  • relationships of mangroves to other tropical coastal ecosystems
  • mangrove observation from social, geographical, cultural, economic, and political perspectives
  • guidance in taking scientific measurements about the health of mangroves
  • dozens of action-taking activities to help observers become doers
  • links to the local and regional science, social studies and arts curriculum

Interested in bringing MM to your region?

Contact us to learn more about the logistics of introducing the curriculum to your country or area.