Mangrove Crab Fisherman – 2019 Mangrove Photography Awards Overall Winner – Enrico Marone, Brazil

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Mangrove Crab Fisherman – Overall Winner 2019 – Enrico Marone, Brazil

A beautiful, high-quality signed print of the winning image from our 2019 Mangrove Photography Awards. “A community leader in the south part of Bahia state fishes in a Brazilian MPA know as Marine Extractive Reserve, harvesting crabs through an artisanal technic using his arms. This traditional fishing method, learned for generations, respect the fish stocks and maintain a cultural heritage of these mangrove’s fishers.”

50% of net proceeds will support our core mangrove conservation initiatives and 50% will support the conservation photographer.

PRODUCT & SHIPPING – Available in three sizes, all digitally signed. Printed on PF Lustre 275 gsm photographic paper or minimise your environmental impact further by choosing the sustainably sourced Studio Expression Smooth Fine Art 300 gsm. Prints fulfilled on an order-by-order basis with an estimated handling time of 7 working days. FREE UK Shipping by Royal Mail, track & signed. $10 for international shipping will be applied. 




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