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Team Category: ADVISORS

  • Read more about Daniel A. Friess

    Daniel A. Friess

    Dr. Friess is an Associate Professor in Geography at the National University of Singapore and the head of the Mangrove…

  • Read more about Pisit Charnsnoh

    Pisit Charnsnoh

    Pisit is the President of the Yadfon Association in Thailand and a Co-Founder of MAP. He has been recognized by…

  • Read more about Barry Bendell

    Barry Bendell

    Dr. Bendell works with invertebrates in seagrass meadows and has completed a PhD on the subject at James Cook University,…

  • Read more about Ian Baird

    Ian Baird

    One of MAP’s Co-Founders, Dr. Baird is also the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Global Association for People in…

  • Read more about Conner Bailey

    Conner Bailey

    Dr. Bailey is an Auburn University graduate and renowned Social Anthropologist with extensive experience working in Southeast Asia and Central…