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‘Marvellous Mangroves’ student education & Mangrove Restoration Training in Suriname

Location: Suriname

Timeline: May 2019

Goal: To conduct an interdisciplinary training course that helps students explore and understand the function and structure of ecological systems, and teaches local NGOs, academics and government officers from Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana about mangrove restoration. This was the first time MAP combined the ‘Marvellous Mangroves’ students education with a CBEMR workshop.



National Agricultural Research Extension Institute (NARE)


Anton De Kom Universiteit Van Suriname

University of Suriname



Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)


University of Guyana

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First time this type of interdisciplinary ecological training has taken place in Suriname

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Communities learned examples of non-destructive livelihood options, including coconut oil and honey production.

The northeast coast of South America witnesses an incredible migration of vast mud banks from the outflow of the Amazon River, which alternately protect and expose coastal mangroves to Atlantic storms and erosion.

What we did

WWF Guianas, NGO ‘Stichting SORTS Suriname’ and MAP organized two immersive workshops. The interdisciplinary training gave students a glimpse into essential ecosystems in the area, including the powerful northwest mudbank migration that takes place along the coast of the Guianas, as well as an insight into non-destructive livelihood options, such as coconut oil and honey production. Representing NGOs, government, universities, local communities, entrepreneurs, CSOs and the private sector, over 25 participants from Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana attended the workshop, which emphasized community participation, facilitating natural regeneration and working in harmony with nature.


The workshop was preceded by a 3-day ‘Marvellous Mangroves’ session for 24 Anton de Kom University students from different disciplines, including Economics, Environmental Science, Mining and Agriculture, providing vital exposure to the function and structure of ecological systems

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