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Restoration Consultancy in East Kalimantan

Location: East Kalimantan

Timeline: March 2018

Goal: To consult on 50ha of mangroves that had been enclosed and cleared in the Balikpapan Delta to recommend courses of action


Arasari Enviro Industri

Arsari Enviro Industri

PT ITCI Hutani Manunggal

Gaji PT Itci Hutani Manunggal
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In-depth assessment of shrimp pond restoration site


Comprehensive restoration plan to reconnect the pond to outside ecology

Recommendations included planting guidance, solutions to saturated soils and a traffic-light system for where to work

What we did

In 2018, our team was asked to consult on a 50ha mangrove site that had been enclosed and cleared, resulting in a loss of tree cover that allowed the mangrove floor to be eroded away. Hills were washed into and filled draining channels, resulting in a flatter pond floor with poorly drained, often saturated soil.

Following an extensive survey with the support of local officials, we produced a robust restoration plan for one of the ponds, to improve the site’s ecological balance, and demonstrated the process to restore further ponds.

Due to the saturated soil and limited tree cover, little natural regeneration was occurring. Our recommendations worked to address these challenges, highlighting strategies and dimensions for pond wall breaches, calculations for breach dimensions, where and what to plant if planting was desired over natural regeneration, and which areas would not work without significant intervention to improve soil drainage.

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